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October 21, 2016

Put Germany              Bookmark and Share
on Your Resume

New short-term programs in English
in Germany's leading fields

Summer 2011

For German universities: How to have your program included in this brochure.

Download a pdf of the brochure

Order a free brochure about these programs by mail.

If you've ever thought of exploring your field of study in a country with a long-standing reputation for innovation and excellence, there are some exciting new opportunities awaiting you in Germany!

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is proud to support this group of outstanding new study abroad programs at universities across Germany. These short-term programs are specially designed for undergraduate students from the US. They all share the following characteristics:
  • take place during academic holidays — a great way to get international experience without missing out on crucial coursework at home;
  • taught in English — but include a German language course so you can communicate with local German students;
  • discipline specific — so you can gain important new knowledge and skills in your major field, and even earn credit at your home university.
These programs are all targeted primarily at undergraduate students, but most of them also accept Master's students. Contact the individual programs for more information on their respective admissions policies.

So check out the programs in the academic fields below -- and put Germany on your resume this year!

Business & Economics


Media & Arts

Natural Sciences

Multidisciplinary & Social Sciences
Why Germany?

High academic standards
The renowned tradition of German universities dates back to the 14th century and ensures an outstanding level of education and research

Rich and fascinating history, thriving contemporary culture
Germany offers a dynamic modern lifestyle on a backdrop of historical sites and beautiful landscapes

Be part of an international, highly qualified academic community
Germany is the third most popular destination for international students worldwide

Improve your academic and professional competitiveness
Even a short time in Germany will help develop cross-cultural skills essential to future professionals in a global economy

Easy access to different countries, languages, cultures
Many German cities are as little as $40 away from London, Prague, Paris, Rome and Vienna

Major economic power
Germany's economic strength provides a safe and modern environment with many business opportunities

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